Our company

Over 40 years of experience and passion

After finishing his study, Mr. Gianfranco Bosco, born in Cittadella nearby Padua, started to work in a furniture restoration workshop, where he found out his natural gift to crafts work and learned the secrets of an old tradition.

Following up the desire to express his professional skills freely, he stated in 1971 his own activity with a partner in Rossano Veneto.

After three years, they mutually decided to split up. Mr. Bosco then established his own workshop in Rosà, located in Via Carli, and devoted himself to the production of art furniture for third parties, designed in a most sober and tidy way. He particularly focused his production on the perfect drying of timber used, thus granting his customers utmost reliability and durability along with high-level style.

During the 90s, his son Denis joined the company and gave his passionate contribution to a further development of the company. In 2000, a generational change took place. In the meantime, the market of furniture started to extend to emergent countries. Design became a major key point to synthesize functionality and aesthetics.

Today their creativeness appears in different types of design furniture and especially in the high-level furniture production, which grants their customers utmost research and excellence. They invest in technology and new programs to keep at pace with the “Made in Italy” level of competitiveness, a feature of their quality and original product range.